Complex protection: care for damaged hair IDHair Niophlex


Another novelty in the field of care for dyedhair - the company IDHair has released a line of professional tools Niophlex. The products of the series are designed for hair that has undergone aggressive salon procedures - curling, straightening, discoloration and coloring. Under the influence of active chemicals scales of hair open, curls lose elasticity, become brittle and lifeless. Preparations of Niophlex contain a biocomplex of amino acids, phytoceramides, soybean isoflavones and acetylcysteines, the molecules of which repair damaged areas of hair, strengthening them along the entire length.


Three-phase maintenance begins with applicationSerum added to chemical components - reagents and dyes - for additional protection. The Niophlex fixation cream is applied after the procedure, providing the locks with nourishment and moisturizing. The emulsion of Niophlex is a preventive agent for giving shine and softness to hair. To achieve maximum effect, it should be used twice a week, along with the usual shampoos and balms.



Stronger and Healthier Hair Starts Now!

The chemicals within IdHAIR products are very nourishing, but it doesn’t matter how nourishing you make them, chemical processes still have an impact on the integrity of hair. This means they can leave the hair cuticle open and hair feeling dry post colour service.

By combining ground breaking technology in Niophlex with traditional colour and bleaching treatments, damage to the hair is prevented before it even starts. Niophlex adds bonds, elasticity, and strength, enhancing the quality of the hair.

Key Ingredients

  • Soybean IsoFlavones: Adds nourishment to improve the condition of the hair. 

  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine: This makes bonds and protects the hair. 

  • Phytoceramide: Recovered from rice, it creates a protecting shield around the hair strain. 

  • Amino acid: Adds moisture and strengthening properties that preserve the moisture of the hair and repairs the damaged parts. 


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